Full List of Talks Given (and videos where available):

  • Singapore Gambit MIT Game Lab: Prototyping Children of Liberty, February 2010 (alongside Julia Smith and Maura Wright)
  • Boston Indies: Being Indie on Zero Budget, June 2010
  • Boston Gameloop: Going Indie After College, August 2011 (alongside Sam Paley)
  • PAX East 2012: The Takedown Tribunal, March 2012 (alongside Andy Schatz, Nels Anderson, and Matt Weise).
  • Boston Gameloop: What I’ve Learned Since Last Boston Gameloop, August 2012
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: Presenter, September 2013
  • Boston Indies: Metaphor in Game Design, Lightning Talk, July 2014
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: This Panel is in Early Access, September 2014 (alongside Ichiro Lambe, Erik Asmussen, Jenna Hoffstein, Becky Taylor, and Will Stallwood)
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: Presenter, September 2014
  • PAX East 2015: No Indie is an Island, March 2015 (alongside Jacob Clark, Ichiro Lambe, Eitan Glinert, Tyler Glaiel, and Tom Fulp)
  • Playcrafting Boston: Early 20th Century De Stijl Limitations On Form and Color in Relation to
    Mid-Late 20th Century Video Game Tech (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Art History), July 2015
  • Boston Gameloop: Indieconomics 101: Marketing, Distribution, and Sales of PC Games in 2015, August 2015
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: Award Presenter, Digital Audience Choice Figgy Award, September, 2016
  • PAX East 2017: Forgotten Franchises: Gaming Gems in Need of a Comeback (alongside David Giltinan, Jason Skelly Belec, and Marty Sliva)
  • Northeastern University: How to Fix your Resume for the Game Industry, November 2017
  • FIG Talks 2018: Paid Mods: The Actual Future of Game Development? January 2018
  • PAX East 2018: Pay to Loot: When Monetization Goes Wrong. April 2018 (alongside Jason “Skelly” Belec and Brian Shurtleff)
  • PAX East 2018: Educate Yourself! What Schools Need to Teach in Game Design. April 2018 (alongside David Giltinan, Trevor Stricker, and Monty Sharma)

If you would like to have me on a panel, or give a talk at your school, business, or event, drop me a line! At the moment I am monetarily confined to New England, but let me know if you’d like me to ramble about stuff for an hour.