Are you looking for someone to give a talk on game development, business, design, or art? Look no further! I have lots of experience in both writing and presenting highly stimulating and intellectual talks, as well as improvising topics and presentations on the spot. I am always up for panels, but am also comfortable speaking to a crowd on my own. Rates are negotiable. Current presentations include:

  • Finding an Internship in Games: A deep dive into the current state of internships, Co-Ops, and entry-level positions in the game industry.
  • Paid Mods: A heavily-researched talk on monetized user generated content in games, and what the industry can do to improve this business model.
  • Making a Mondrian: A talk for artists, level designers, and aspiring game developers! This is a more lighthearted talk on how you can use Mondrian Maker, the powerful level editor included in Mondrian – Plastic Reality, to build or display your art and level design portfolios in a new, exciting way.

At the moment I am monetarily confined to New England, but I can also make New York or DC if given enough notice in order to find accommodations. Please email dsilvers at lantanagames dot com if you are interested!

Full List of Talks Given (and videos where available):

  • Singapore Gambit MIT Game Lab: Prototyping Children of Liberty, February 2010 (alongside Julia Smith and Maura Wright)
  • Boston Indies: Being Indie on Zero Budget, June 2010
  • Boston Gameloop: Going Indie After College, August 2011 (alongside Sam Paley)
  • PAX East 2012: The Takedown Tribunal, March 2012 (alongside Andy Schatz, Nels Anderson, and Matt Weise).
  • Boston Gameloop: What I’ve Learned Since Last Boston Gameloop, August 2012
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: Presenter, September 2013
  • Boston Indies: Metaphor in Game Design, Lightning Talk, July 2014
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: This Panel is in Early Access, September 2014 (alongside Ichiro Lambe, Erik Asmussen, Jenna Hoffstein, Becky Taylor, and Will Stallwood)
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: Presenter, September 2014
  • PAX East 2015: No Indie is an Island, March 2015 (alongside Jacob Clark, Ichiro Lambe, Eitan Glinert, Tyler Glaiel, and Tom Fulp)
  • Playcrafting Boston: Early 20th Century De Stijl Limitations On Form and Color in Relation to
    Mid-Late 20th Century Video Game Tech (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Art History)
    , July 2015
  • Boston Gameloop: Indieconomics 101: Marketing, Distribution, and Sales of PC Games in 2015, August 2015
  • Boston Festival of Indie Games: Award Presenter, Digital Audience Choice Figgy Award, September, 2016
  • PAX East 2017: Forgotten Franchises: Gaming Gems in Need of a Comeback (alongside David Giltinan, Jason Skelly Belec, and Marty Sliva)
  • Northeastern University: How to Fix your Resume for the Game Industry, November 2017
  • FIG Talks 2018: Paid Mods: The Actual Future of Game Development? January 2018
  • PAX East 2018: Pay to Loot: When Monetization Goes Wrong. April 2018 (alongside Jason “Skelly” Belec and Brian Shurtleff)
  • PAX East 2018: Educate Yourself! What Schools Need to Teach in Game Design. April 2018 (alongside David Giltinan, Trevor Stricker, and Monty Sharma)
  • Northeastern University: Finding an Internship in Games, October 2018
  • BostonFIG Talks 2019: Making a Maker, February 2019
  • BostonFIG Learns 2019: EdTech & Gaming – Rebuilding Bridges, February 2019
  • PAX East 2019: The Return of Couch Play, March 2019