Children of Liberty

Children of Liberty is a long-in-development passion project for Lantana Games. The game is a kid’s stealth adventure where players learn about the events of Paul Revere’s Ride by playing as four kid spies working for the Patriots. The game has been progressively upgraded from Unity 3 to 4 to 2018, and I have helped explore the engine’s features as to improve artist pipelines and in-game visuals. I have served multiple roles throughout its development, including Creative Director, artist, level builder, writer, researcher, and marketing lead. The game is being built in Unity 2018 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Awards: Kickstarter Featured Project, March 14, 2011; GameDev.Net Image of the Day, October 7, 2016

Available: Steam Early Access

Mondrian – Plastic Reality

Mondrian – Plastic Reality is the sequel to Abstraction in Beauty (see below). The game is a massive evolution on the original, featuring five playable characters, revamped graphics, smoother gameplay, mod-compatibility, and a powerful level editor called Mondrian Maker. The focus this time is on traditional art history, particularly modern art history, and delving into the lives and works of our playable characters. Other new features include the ability to paint levels, new block types and modifiers, and a backend “Color Wheel” system to dynamically generate relational colors in every level. I have served primarily as the game’s Project Lead, programmer, designer, and communications director. It is currently available for Windows with a Mac version on the way in the future.

Available:, GameJolt
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Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty





Mondrian – Abstraction in Beauty began life during the Indie TeamUp Jam, dedicated to making Breakout games. The first build of the game was completed in a weekend, and the game itself launched five months later. The game features orbital gameplay instead of the traditional horizontally-moving paddle, and uses works inspired by Piet Mondrian to explore videogame art history, with the game changing resolution and color-depth to emulate how the game would look in different eras. I primarily served as the game’s programmer and designer, with minor art responsibilities. The game went on to win a couple awards and sell over 20,000 copies. It is available for Windows.

Awards: Indie Arcade 2016 Official Selection; Indie Revolution Expo 2016 Audience Choice Award

Available: Steam,, GameJolt

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